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Feligons are for  now a Closed Species 

 Sushi BackStory  Sushi 
Feligons are small mythical creatures that tend to reside in small places around the world. far away 
from humans, and anything that could be potentially harmful to them. They
are part fox and tend to be a little impish. They can be considered as mammals. They love to hide in your gardens at home, you probably have walked right past them with out even knowing. 

Sushi Gender Differences  Sushi
Males will always be taller than females, be it by a few inches but still 
taller. Females will stand at 14-15 inches while males will stand at 16-17 inches in height once fully grown. Females will also tend to have a sweeter spritely like spunk to their bodies, there tail being held upright in the air as the wag them back and forth. Because of this males may have an easier 
time camouflaging themselves with the surrounding hiding spots than females, this being due to their tail being curled up around their feet. 
Infant stage they are merely 5-6 inches. Adolescent stage they can grow to 7-13 inches for the females offspring, and 7-14 inches for the males gender.

Sushi Genetic mutations  Sushi 
None have currently been discovered but you never know what these little ones will get into trouble.

 Sushi  Breeding  Sushi
 At most they will birth two to three kits.

 You will be able to breed them in the future, however it will be a fee for doing so. 

-- You may claim a cyop (choose your own pallette.) This will be a rare breeding option and may come offered as an auction.
-- The breeding process takes a week for your babies to grow into their full adult stages.

Sushi Social
Feligons are pretty much peaceful creatures, they do not fight for territory and
mostly live together as a mate for life couple. Though not violent they will do
what they must to protect the younger Feligons that live in their nest. They may play tricks here and there, but usually all in good fun!

 Sushi  Diet  Sushi
They mainly like to keep a steady diet of fresh leaves, and berries, occasionally though if the find a person to be eating a tasty sushi treat, they have been know to come out of hiding, and perhaps take a little nibble when one isn't looking.

 Sushi  LifeSpan  Sushi
The average lifespan of both the male, and females of this species is about 1,000 years. since they are a mythical race once they pass  on their souls get carried on into their offspring. 
This journal is still subject to change/updates

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